slickerke cat

Another name for a curly-haired cat

Popularity #25

The origin of the cat is the United States of America

The life span of a cat is between 14 - 15 years

The general size of the cat is medium to large

Domestic cat type Yes

Approximate weight of the cat is 2.5 - 7 kg

slickerke cat

slickerke cat

Features of the Selkerk Rex cat

Its characteristics are an active and affectionate cat. It is an independent cat and is distinguished by being a gentle and patient cat, but nevertheless a playful cat. This cat is calm and is also characterized by being a social cat.


The Selkerk Rex cat is among the breeds of cats that are characterized by smooth and curly fur

Features of the Selkerk Rex cat

This type is distinguished from its curly-haired brethren such as the Cornish Rex and Devon Rex in that its hair is very thick and thick.

Size and weight of the Selkerk Rex cat

The Selkerk Rex cat is one of the cats that has a variety of sizes, it is large and medium in size, and its weight ranges from about two kilograms to about six kilograms, and its females are known to be lighter in weight.

Colors cat selkerk rex

It also has a variety of colors, including chocolate, gray, white and other colors

It may seem that the selrk is a disorganized cat because of curly hair, but this appears only to those who do not know this type, and it can be said that the softness and density of its fur and its beautiful colors make its coat very luxurious.

The name is Selkerk Rex


There are those who liken this species, which is native to the United States of America, to the sheep cat.

 I never grew up Sakruk Rex

This type arose as a natural mutation due to a dominant genetic factor, thanks to its spread to a curly-haired cat found in 1987, when it was bred with a black Persian cat.

The origin of the name Selkerk Rex cat

The origin of the name goes back to the “Silkerk” Mountains, which are located in the state of Wyoming, western USA, where the mother cat originated.

Characteristics and characteristics of a curly cat:

The Silkirk Rex can be tolerant of children, also sociable and cuddly due to its unique shape and calm temperament, it can play with young children, it is energetic enough, likes to be in the spotlight and appreciates children's interest in it.

Cat Selkerk Rex is a pet cat.

He can live with dogs without problems, just introduce the animals to each other under observation, and the earlier the integration takes place, the better

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