Turkish Angora cat or Ankara cat

 Turkish Angora cat or Ankara cat

The popularity of this cat is ranked 29th in the world, and this cat was named by this name due to its original home in the countries of the Turks.

Life span of an Ankara Angora cat

As for the life span of this cat, it ranges between 15-18 years.

Cornish Rex cat

The size and weight of the Turkish Angora cat

As for the size of the angora cat, it is usually medium in size, and this cat is completely domestic. The approximate weight of the Turkish Angora cat ranges between 2.2 - 4.5 kg.

Turkish Angora cat or Ankara cat

Traits of the Turkish Angora cat.

The Turkish Angora is a very affectionate, intelligent and gentle cat. It is a social cat. However, this cat is playful.

Turkish angora cat color

The angora cat is white, black, cream and red in color.

Fur May Ankara

The fur of an ankara cat is long with soft silky hair

Traits of the Turkish Angora cat.

Acclimatization The Turkish Angora cat adapts quickly.

The love of children is an instinct, as he loves children greatly.

Kindness to dogs This type of cat is the most kind to dogs.

Intelligence The Angora cat is a very intelligent cat.

Energy This cat has tremendous energy.

Unfortunately, this cat is exposed to many diseases

The level of affection is very wonderful and high, he is a lovable cat

Vocal expression This cat can, unlike other cats, can express itself by voice

An overview of the Turkish Angora.

The Turkish Angora cat is a cat that is known as one of the most elegant and beautiful types of cats. Its shape excites joy and brings pleasure and joy to the heart.

Characteristics of the Turkish Angora cat.

The angora cat has a very distinctive way of walking that distinguishes it from others, especially with the shape of its long and hairy tail, and there are people who liken this cat to a ballerina.

The color of the Turkish Angora cat.

The color common among this breed of Turkish Angora cats is white, and this cat can also be black or gray in color, as well as the Turkish Angora cat has soft and long fur and a relatively medium size.

The home of the Turkish Angora kitten.

The origin of the Turkish Angora cat goes back to the state of Turkey and exactly to the city of Ankara, from which the name Angora was derived, and it is said that he has a common father with Persian Shirazi cats, includingHis long hair and snow-white color made his appearance distinctive.

Angora cat traits.

The Angora cat is a cat that is known among its breeders to be a very tender and affectionate cat. It is also a very intelligent and curious cat, with a strong will and a cheerful spirit.

Never ignore Ankara

This cat can make you care for him due to his strong personality, but be careful if you own an angora cat. Know that he does not like to be ignored. If a cat sees his owner ankara ignoring him, he can do some riot to tell his owner I am here, like hitting his hand on the table or meow.

Most of the time he is excited to play, because he has a high energy level, he is intelligent and understands what is going on around him, he is not a boring cat at all.

It is very easy to train an angora to do things, such as training him to defecate, for example, or even Play some games like hide behind the door.

Things the Turkish Angora cat loves.

The Turkish Angora cat loves to climb to high places as well as monitor everything that is going on inside the house, and if this cat does not find anything to climb over it, it can climb over the shoulders of the owners of the house.

Characteristics and characteristics of the Turkish Angora cat:

The Angora cat loves to socialize with people because it is a social cat and feels very comfortable with children. He can play with them the game of fake prey, as it is one of the games that attracts his attention a lot.

Also, he can live with pets without problems, only the animals must be introduced to each other in a controlled environment, especially in the first days of acclimatization.

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