Characteristics, features and shapes of turkey cats

 Rumi cats.

 Rumi cats are a mixed hybrid of the Shirazi, Egyptian and Persian cats, and the Greeks crossed them while they were in Egypt, and they were the ones who gave them this name.

Characteristics, features and shapes of turkey Characteristics, features and shapes of turkey cats

Traits of the cat.

Characteristics of the turkey cat, the turkey cat is a wonderful, beautiful-looking cat that attracts the eyes with its kindness and beauty. The turkey cat is characterized by its thick hair, wide attractive eyes and a wonderful soft tail.

turkey cats

Characteristics of the turkey cat.

Characteristics of the turkey cat The turkey cat differs from the Persian cat and the Persian cat by the length of its body and its colorful eyes and color, which has different types, including: yellow-green, light green, and blue mixed with yellow, including cats, each of which carries two eyes and each eye has a different color.

About the cat.

Roman cats love to play and have fun, and Roman cats are not moody cats, and the prices of Roman cats vary according to their age, and the way they are raised varies according to their quality, strength, features, the personality of the seller for them and the type of their crossbreeding. feel pressured; They are fun and sensitive, and the turkey cat loves to play and be entertained, and she is very gentle as she loves her owner, and is loyal to him.

Turkey cat shapes and colors.

Forms of turkey cats There are many forms of turkey cats in different colors, and there is a pure white color, which is a unified color that nothing enters into it, and it is widely spread, and it seems to be of great beauty, joy and kindness.

The black color with white is very beautiful, the cat's body is white, its ears are defined in black, and its tail is divided between black and white, and sometimes it appears on its body a little black and the nose as well. The white inlaid with beige from the back has thick hair, and the cat with this color is very cute and beautiful, and his eyes are mostly olive-colored.

Gray or gray and brown mixed with white or beige. Cats that contain many rare colors mixed with each other, as they look very beautiful and wonderful. Cats are one of the pets that everyone wants to have in their homes, but some believe that they have a bad reputation for not being cuddly or wanting to be independent on their own, but this image is completely unfair; There are breeds of the best types of cats that have wonderful personalities.

These cats are among the best companions that humans live with without physical problems, and most cats love to play and do not cause harm to anyone.
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