The name. Tonkies cat

Another name for tonic

Popularity #18

Origin Canada

Lifespan 14-16 years

Size is medium

house cat yes

Approximate weight 3 - 5.5 kg

Tonkies cat

slickerke cat

the mood








the color









Type characteristics

Adaptation ★★★★★

Children's love ★★★★☆

Kindness to dogs ★★★★★

Intelligence ★★★★★

Energy ★★★★★

Health problems ★★★☆☆

Affection level ★★★★★

Voice Expression ★★★★★


The Tonkinese cat is one of the types of cats that are characterized by strength and agility, this is because it has strong muscles and is often heavier than it appears, where in some cases its weight is heavier than 5 kg

Tonkinese cat shape.

He has large ears and claws of an oval shape, the color of his head is usually a different color from the color of his fur, and among the widely spread colors in this species we find: the color of chocolate, black, cream, silver and other colors.

Tonkinese cat eyes.

Typically, the Tonkinese cat has green or golden eyes, and sometimes hazel eyes

The country of the Tonkinese cat's mother.

The origin of this species is from Canada and is described as a cousin of the Siamese cat due to its great similarity to this species, but the resemblance remains external only because it differs with the Siamese in behavior, strength and activity

Traits of a Tonkinese cat.

Tonkinis is known for his great intelligence and strange looks, he is also affectionate and cares a lot about the people who live with him, but his activity is less compared to the Siamese, but he is curious and bold and not a boring cat, he can learn to fetch objects and enjoy with you the game of fake preyDo not be afraid if he jumps on your shoulders from time to time, he may do this out of love and concern for you, as he is very attached to his owner


Characteristics of the cat Tonkinis:

Tonkinis can live with all kinds of other animals including dogs, but it is best to introduce the animals to each other first in a controlled environment, and is a good friend to children.

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